Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Year in Review.

So maybe I lied.. Sue me. I said I would be back.. blah blah blah.. I didn't come back but hey, here I am folks.

I just spent the last few minutes looking through my previous posts realizing how much has changed in my life in the past year. I've met so many great new friends Also, I can't believe it's already May.. 2012 is flying by.

A few things...

Jared Meek.
I've known this kid for almost 9 years now. I just counted and I'm kind of shocked by that number haha. 7th grade. Cute new boy. How could I resist being his bestie?! Hah He has made the decision to serve a mission for 2 years in Alaska. Although he will be doing great things in an incredible area, the selfish side of me wants to block his way to the MTC so I don't have to brave Provo without my bearded confidant. Sadly we didn't spend much time together between school and work and life, but when I'm with this guy it's like no time has passed and we're back to where we left off. He's really the best and the next two years won't be the same without him and I'm going to be totally behind in music, but I'm totally stoked to annoy him with so many letters and hear all the great stories about serving in the Alaskan wilderness. Alright, now I sound obsessed with this kid.. Time for some picture spam. Sorry I'm not sorry. <3
Vampire-elves. Duh. 
Yup. That's us.
Chicago <3 
The Bean.
This one time I decided to take a trip to see Aaron for my birthday/halloween and the city stole my heart. Firstly, my heart jumped when I saw this boy walking up to me at the train station. To say I missed him a lot would be an understatement. He's the one that keeps me sane at my lowest moments and I don't know what I'd do without him. I still miss him like crazy and I've decided that just going to move Chicago. The end.
ANYWAY, the trip was so fun, we went to the zoo and killed zombies with paintballs and I met lots of cool people and I dressed up like a flapper girl and he was a pirate and we saw a show and everything was perfect. I need to go back.

California :] 
This place is where my heart is. But really. Best friends, great gelato, beautiful ocean, swap meets, concerts, hikes.. What more could a girl want?! I decided to go see some friends last weekend- best choice ever. The Death Cab for Cutie concert was the most amazing concert I've ever seen in my life and I was almost in tears.. Not even exaggerating. Hopefully I will make my way back to this glorious state in the near future. I've decided I'm also moving here. Yup.

Obsessed with Concerts. 
City and Colour.
Salt Lake City
Love. Love love love. 
Great company and unbelievable talent.
Matt Costa.
Front Row, crazy friends, free
 signed cd, and terrific music.
I have beautiful friends.

Los Angeles
Gorgeous orchestra accompaniment, almost crying like 17283 times, and the most amazing concert hall. By far the best concert I've ever been to. I <3 Ben Gibbard. 
It was a sweet light show too.

I'm comin' home.

So my plan was to stay in Provo for Spring term and take some classes and then go back to Texas for the rest of the summer. Then I went home after finals, got some crazy stomach virus and missed the first week of school. Which is pretty much like missing 2 weeks in a normal semester. Plan. Annihilated. I decided it'd be a better use of my time to go home, get my nannying job back and just play for the summer. I'm stoked. It's going to be a fun summer with some great friends and yummy food from my mama. Priorities people. 

Speaking of my mom.
Take a look at this beauty.
Oh dear, how I've missed this woman. Pride and Prejudice + Rocky Road Blue Bell is our favorite past time. She knows the right things to say at exactly the right moments and will forever be my best best friend. I love this woman so incredibly much and I'd be lost without her. No matter what, she's always there. She makes great cookies... and great everything to be honest. She's a doctor, a chauffeur, a cheerleader, a teacher, an alarm clock, a shoulder to cry on, a live-in chef.. I could keep going forever but I don't want to make all of you jealous. Happy Mothers day to the bestest mother I could ever ask for.
I love you, mommy.
Some of my favorite people. 
I just don't have an explanation for this.
I don't even think I've included half of the things that have happened in the past year, but this is getting obnoxiously long. School has been crazy, but I've been doing well so I can't complain. Plus, I'm almost DONE! No, I don't know what I want to do with my life anymore.. But I'm young so I'm not stressing. I know I want to travel the world with the people I love and work at an orphanage in a third world country and be happy. So that's a good start.

Until next time..

Much loves <3

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi. I'm alive. Stop freaking out.

So umm... I don't really have an excuse as to why I haven't been on here in so long besides the fact that I've written partial posts and forgotten to finish them. Yeah, I know. You were all worried I disappeared or something, but never fear... I'M BACK!

Quick run down on life:
1.I'm back in Provo.... What the heck am I doing back in Provo?
2. I spent the last week of the summer in California with my best friend and her family and Jake and Rancho and well, greatest ending to a summer ever. Also, thanks to Jake: I FREAKING SURFED. I'M A PRO. THAT'S WHAT'S UP....anyways...
3.My brother got married to the most gorgeous girl exactly one month ago and they're living happily ever after. :)
Part of the fam.
P.S. Their wedding was beyond perfection.
4. I miss the kiddos I nannied this summer. That was much easier than school.
5. I've taken up the art of making crafts. Flowers made from streamers, decorated mason jars, this really cool frame, collage drawers for my desk. I'll make a blog post with pictures soon.. But here's my bestest flower. and me. 
Don't judge me.
6. I've also become a genius chef with my blood sister Cierra. Seriously we rule. Just saying. We're making a food blog so stay tuned. >:)
7. I'm in love with Coldplay's songs from their new album. Listen.
8. I went on a road trip with some of the koolest gurlz ever. We had lots of fun. Proof: He took a leaf blower to our hair. #bestdessertexperienceever

9. I've decided to get back into musical theatre so I'm taking voice lessons, auditioning for a local theatre and getting at it. I'm excited. < Understatement.
10. I miss my friends from back home, but the new ones I'm making are really cool so it's sort of okay :)

Tumblr findings.

Best advice I ever did hear
Gimme this house. Please?

Ok I'm done. See you next time. :)

Much loves <33

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Random Song- I just really like it and I've listened to it about 28 times today.

Alright people, it's story time. So this one day (aka last saturday) my family and I went out on a boat for some quality bonding time. We're just out there doing our thing and all the sudden it starts raining. Not that big of a deal, we were all just hiding under towels while my dad was driving. But then horrible tragic things started to happen (aka LIGHTNING THUNDER AND HAIL) and I thought we were all going to die. Seriously, it was 112 and sunny when we left the dock and out of no where this storm appeared dropping quarter sized hail and decided to attempt to kill my entire family. -___- 

Moral of the story: Don't go boating. Jokes, but for real. I'm bringing rain gear the next time I go out.

Looking back on it, it was pretty funny. All of us were screaming the entire time. My grandma jumped into my grandpas lap. He was screaming OW every second. Josh was under a life jacket. Everyone was yelling at my dad who was driving with no protection. I almost got thrown out of the boat in an attempt to keep the tube from flying away. Most of us ended up with welts from the hail beating. OH the memories. hah. 

ANYWAYS, a couple days ago it was father's day. Meet my dad:

Also, I just found the cutest thing. Look:

I love my dad, so so much. He's amazing and always will be my hero. He's a crazy worker and does so much to provide for my family. I'm bias and think he's the best dad in the world and obviously that's true :) He travels to California for his job every week (kind of jealous, but i'd rather be there to play) so we don't see him much but when he's home it's just a really nice thing :) Except when he wakes me wake up to do lawn work.. which hasn't happened lately so if it could stay like that for a while, I'd like that very much hahah :) Love you daddy <3

Other Happenings:
Tylah came home for the weekend. I didn't really realize how much I missed him. Hmph. But I'm so glad he came home for a little! AND I'm just really excited that he's getting married soon :)

I'm taking a spontaneous trip to California in 2 days. Perks of being a college kid and finding good deals on flights :) I just can't wait to go to the beach and explore Hollywood.. OH and maybe I'm just a little excited to see my long lost blood sister Cierra and visit Ms Holly Henrich too!! I can't wait! <33

I'm on a bracelet making frenzy. It's just a really great thing to do while you're waiting for kids at swim practice, I've found. 

Coming soon: The Sisterhood of The Traveling Bracelet. Cierra, Rebecca, Brittany and I have decided to knock off the idea of the traveling pants and do something so much cooler. >:) New blog will be made soon, stay tuned.

Cool Tumblr things:
New life mission: Find this. I have to. Beach and swinging is pretty much beyond perfection.

Ok ok ok.. That's enough.
Much loves. <33

Saturday, June 4, 2011


In honor of the concert I was supposed to see today- thanks work!

So this one time, my best friend that I hadn't seen in a month walked through my door and surprise visited me. Yeah that definitely happened this past weekend. THE Holly Henrich flew to Texas, and spent a glorious 4 days in my hometown. Announcement to the world: I have the greatest best friend and all of your best friends suck because they aren't her andddd yeah. That's what I have to say. So this is what had happened: I'm just doin' my thing, getting a water for Sister Chamberlain (who was in Texas visiting too) and the next thing I know I hear the front door open. Naturally I looked over to see who was creeping into my house at 10 o'clock and I see Stephanie Peterson's face which just made me really, really confused and then I looked to the left of her and I saw who was standing next to her and I'm pretty sure I went into shock. Then I proceeded to put my face in my hands and cry for a second until I hugged her for about 2 minutes and couldn't believe she was standing in my house. I'm pretty sure I told her I still couldn't believe she was there like 14 times.

Our weekend was full of adventures: Going to Southlake, spilling Jamba in the street, going to Grapevine Mills to find mood rings, not sleeping at night, naps in the day, epic cynical night with molly and emily, not waking up early for church, meeting Glenn Beck, Zumba on the Kinect, getting pushed in the pool, bicycle jousting... We just really know how to have a good time, obviously.

OH and I can't forget, since we were the master pranksters at school that had to continue here as well. Brittany slept over one night and took a shower... bad choice on her part, what was she thinking? Naturally, Michael Anderson thought it'd be a good choice to throw flour on her. Thus, Holly and I plus our newest recruit (Stephanie Peterson) proceeded to fill red cups with flour, run into the bathroom with our eyes shut and dump it on her... and ourselves. Evidence:
Lookin' good: Pre-Prank.
Needless to say I had an awesome weekend full of quests I won't forget. I was sad to see her go, but she had to get back to school or something -____- Whateva.

This week I've been working like crazy, had an interview to possibly go to Maui with a family (stoked) so I can't wait to hear about that. The new Death Cab for Cutie CD came out so that made for some good listening. I also went shopping for the first time since being back.. win. Another first- working out. Note to self: Don't do a pilates class followed by power blaster- you will literally get blasted with pain the next day. FAIL.

Well, it's officially summer time- the weather is going to kill me and the babies are finally done with high school- Congrats to the graduates :) Weird to think I was there a year ago.. Time flys.

Tumblr Spam:
Future tattoo.. hehehe just kidding mom ;)
Alright I'm done. Until next time, stalkers.

Much loves. <33

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Move along.

Too many songs to put up for this one folks, but this one won.

Life is a really crazy thing. People come in and out of it, sometimes for the better sometimes not. Either they leave out of their choice or because you leave them, but neither one is easy. Lately I've looked back at who has come and gone, who has stuck it out for years with me and I realize how much I take for granted. A split-second decision can tear you away from one you love most, or it can be a slow process you don't even notice is happening until you wake up and see what you lost. I know people say all the time that you need to let others know if you love them and how much you do constantly because you don't know what life will bring, what can change and how quickly. Then theres the whole 'you don't know what you've got til it's gone' type of thing. All of which is truthful it just kills when it's absolutely applicable to you.

Sometimes I feel like I love too much, I care too much, I put too much of myself out there which makes me so vulnerable, but I don't  know how to be any different. Sometimes I feel like I can't win, at anything, but I hope one day that'll change. Sometimes I wish I could just leave everything behind for a day and live like nothing that is bugging me matters, but my mind is too loud I could never do it.

Now all of you are probably worried that I'm all suicidal from this post plus my facebook statuses but I'm here to defend myself. Yes, I'm sad- no I don't really want to talk about it though. Music is the way I cope so all of those statuses were me listening to something that struck me and I thought I'd share it with the world. My blog is an out pouring of thoughts all splattered on to the computer screen- kind of like a journal but one that I don't mind sharing with people because maybe what I feel or say can let others know they're not alone and can see what I do with it. Not saying I write this stuff to inspire people or be a psychiatrist.. Although I did get an A in my Psych 111 Class last semester- Obviously means I'm certified to diagnose and help... Yeah right. 

Spam of cool tumblr findings. Go:

Always love, never hold back. Always put a smile on your face. Always pay attention to the little things that make you love someone the most, that sets them apart from the rest, and don't ever hesitate to tell that person what they are because it shows how much you're crazy about them. 

Much loves.


Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm pretty sure this has been the longest week of my life, for realz. Here's what I'm jammin to:

I only know that I belong where you are.

First things first, Happy Belated Mother's Day to my Mama. She's incredible and I love her to death. We go on really fun trips together, she makes me really good food and makes fun of me for being a nerd. I guess you could say I like her... a little ;) <33
Grand Cayman- lovelovelove.
Speaking of Mothers- I had to play mom this week. Lets just say I don't want to have kids ANYTIME soon. I mean, I love them, but no. Nannying is the best summer job ever and I love it- this week was just insane. I watched the regular kiddos from 9-5 and then was Mom to a couple of kids I used to babysit a while back. Interestingly enough no one was killed in the duration of my 'Mom-ness.' Luckily next week I don't work as much because I don't know if I have a threshold of how much I can handle my job but I'm pretty sure I was right near it. Nevertheless, it was way fun and I don't mind the money that came with it too. 

This week I've sucked at: sleeping at a decent time, waking up with time to get ready, coping with feelings, etc. Thus you can see it was great. 

Not going to complain any longer. I should be asleep, but obviously, as read in the last paragraph, it is something I suck at. I'm just up cleaning my room, thinking, doing everything that shouldn't be done instead of sleeping.

Welp, came across this on tumblr and it made me think..
I don't think I can honestly say I know what being completely fearless feels like. It's like I've always been afraid of something whether big or small. I wish I was fearless- I would be a completely different person in a completely different place. 

(Insert the regular I miss certain people and need them in my life here statements plus pictures which would just take too much effort for the amount of energy I have right now but this is what I have to say.. )

I should go do something productive, that'd be a good thing. oh gosh.

Much loves.